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Psychopathy is a psychological condition of humans that are completely emotionless


  • Psychopathy is predominantly studies among criminals, serial killers in particular, but psychopaths exist with an increased frequency among leaders of social fauceirs. Of course in these environments they are less studied.
  • Psychopathy is the result of the Insulation Rule applied to social fauceirs. As a rule social fauceir tend to suppress emotions that work at a lower fauceir level and my disturb social actions.


The fact that psychopaths cluster in higher social levels indicates two things.

  1. Societies reward psychopathy as those psychopaths show less emotional pressure to fullfil the tasks of a social fauceir.
  2. Psychopaths were preferred by natural selection as their offspring was always better off. Even if aristocracy ha a smaller number of children, it can be taken for granted that sociopathic rulers sired a lot more children even among their servants.

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