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Independent researchers into evolution

Our thinking is limited by ideology. Ideology is made to subconsciously influence ideas. That, of course, holds true for whole frameworks of ideas, theories. Evolutionary theory makes no exception. Since its start, the questions of evolutionary mechanisms bear a heavy burden of ideology, so it is not surprising that the most advanced thinkers worked independently, and so they do today. Here follows an incomplete list of recent theoreticians that because of their independent position (not attached to any university or sponsored institution) developed remarkable ideas some of them come even close to Fauceir Theory.


Tim Tyler

  • Although from his personal webpage I can learn a lot about his personnel interests there is no hint that he might be associated with a university. He does not disclose, though, where he earns a living. As most university professors boast their position, and because he doesn't, we may conclude he is neither an academic nor does it matter too much.
  • His main focus is memetics, but he also provides a huge array of examples of self organizing systems.
  • Here is his blog.

Stefan Molyneux

  • In his biography he outlines how he left university and became an independent philosopher.
  • His main focus is on ideological constraints that influence thinking. By his internet radio he provides startling examples how deeply human societies are ruled by ideologies. His major engagement is not evolution, though, but anarchism.

Ayn Rand

  • As she philosophically introduced the notion of Free Will she belongs here, too, although her ideas are maintained by an institute today whose staff members cannot be longer addressed as indpentent thinkers. Anyway, as bound to the promotion of her philosophy, they are by far not as much spoiled as university affiliated researchers.


Peter Mersch

  • According to his website he studies mathematics and informatics and works as an independent entrepreneur, now.
  • He published a theory on evolution which unfortunately is no longer available as google discontinued knol.

Bertram Köhler

  • He is a retired scientist who currently lives in Dresden. By that biography, it can be concluded that he gone through marxism while he worked in East Germany's stalinistic era, and he is an independent thinker now. No constraints neither from his former employers nor currently.
  • He mainly illustrates mathematically the generation of complexity in physical systems that have implications on biological and social evolution. As he didn't reach the level of abstraction yet that is provided by Fauceir Theory his ideas remain inconsistent in most aspects.

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