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Enslavement Rule

Synonyms: Slavery Enforcement Rule;Rule of an Inherent Tendency to Enforce Enslavement

Rule of an Inherent Tendency to Enforce Enslavement is a special case of the Property Inheritance Rule.

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The rule can be logically inferred from the Property Inheritance Rule. As better enslavement is an advantage in selection. Those fauceirs have been selected that improved their enslavement and inherited that behavior to its master.


  • The most developed nations are the most aggressive ones.
  • The higher a species is involved the more specialized, enslaved, are the different parts of the central nervous system. The most primitive nervous systems such as the nerve net found in species in the phylum Cnidaria all nerve cells are equally functionally important.
  • Empires tend to expand and to suppress internal resistance. Empires become empires, because they are especially good at enslavement.
  • The tendency to enslave increases from physical over chemical, biochemical, biological up to social fauceirs. If you put a table in your house it probably wont try to enslave you, if you acquire a pet their tendency to enslave you would be perceptible but minimal, but if you create a bureaucratic structure it almost certainly will try to enslave you.


Some people might become confused now as they believe slavery in human societies was a much more pronounced enslavement compared to democratic structures of todays modern states. As a matter of fact the enslavement nowadays is much more pronounce than it was some millennia ago. What really has changed is that enslavement is not so aggressive, torturous, and paralyzing, according to the liberty rule. But while in slavery people with different social and cultural background were forced to work by punishment. The enslavement nowadays is more subtle beginning with upbringing and education at school and further enhanced by social pressure. I also hypothesize that by the years social selection pressure caused aggressive alleles disappeared from our genome, and we as humans became more compliant.

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