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Fauceir death

Synonyms: Death of a fauceir

A fauceir's death is the end point of its life cycle. When death occurs not all the sub-fauceirs die too. On the contrary some of them may even flourish. Instead, death means that only those interconnection, controls, regulations, and information exchange pathways vanish that were specific for that particular fauceir.

Death occurs regularly, and as a matter of fact is caused by other fauceirs. We may distinguish two general types of death, external and internal:

  1. While external death is caused by master fauceirs in terms of a predator-prey relationship,
  2. internal death occurs when sub-fauceirs evade control and start a dominantly parasitic way of life.

Often these two types cannot be exactly distinguished from each another. Mixed types are common.

All death is the final point of a stochastic process, so every fauceir has a window of time in which it occurs most likely. In some fauceirs sub-fauceirs evolved that assure a death almost exactly on time or when a switch is pulled. Such a specific death control in biology is called programmed death. If not caused by such an off-switch, death is called rather accidentally.

As there is no evolutionary advantage in dying automatically for a fauceir itself, the evolution of programmed death always occurs under the pressure of a master fauceir.


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