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Analogy Rule

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Rational Proof

  1. As everything an analogy is but a fauceir which evolves in human rational thinking.
  2. Each fauceir consists of a set of element fauceirs.
  3. Abstraction is just the method of blinding out sub-element fauceirs (see Rule of Progressive Blinding) in thinking.
  4. If the level of abstraction is high enough (the extend of neglected specifics bold enough) fauceirs of thinking become comparable and can be handled as same objects of thinking.


  • Analogy is but a device of human rational thinking. It is just a new fauceir of thinking created from existing ones.
  • Analogy is tightly connected to abstraction. An abstraction is useful if and only if it allows for an broader analogy. As the 'if and only if' statement indicates the reverse is also true: An abstraction is useless of it doesn't allow for a more general analogy.
  • Analogies of thinking have not to be confused with analog organs, for instance.


As analogy is but a scientific tool of rational exploration examples only belong to human thinking.

  • Newton's physics is applicable to mass points in vacuum only, sill this abstraction allows a fairly good mathematical modelling of the movement of stars and planets.
  • Model animal allow the discovery of pharmaceutical interactions and genetic causations.

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