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Memes constitute special class of social fauceirs that evolved predominantly to control either human individuals or groups of individuals. Though communication in social compounds is a prerequisite of the evolution of memes, not all social compound evolve memes. Memes include essential sub-fauceirs. These are products of higher brain function such as language, imagination, and abstraction, so memes are not present in animal and plant groups.

Memes can be classified into conscious, mostly knowledge, and subconscious, mostly rituals, memes. It is common sense that conscious memes are the product of rational thinking while subconscious memes are influenced by emotional stimuli that can be produced either completely irrationally, by biological or behavioral fauceirs, of semi-rationally, by manipulations. As a consequence conscious memes consist mainly of sub-faiceirs that can be addressed rationally while subconscious memes consist exclusively of irrational sub-fauceirs.

Generally memes evolve much faster than societies, biological auceirs, or even chemical and physical fauceir, so we may conclude that memes are fauceirs at the highest level of evolution so far at least level of evolution that a human brain is still capable to perceive. Among the memes themselves rational, or conscious, memes show the higher rate of evolution.

I found this extended list of meme literature. Sorry I did read only a tiny portion of it, so I'm incapable to weed out and offer a more comprehensive list.


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