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Beautiful Soup in Django

Beautiful Soup is a handy tool to extract data from XML or HTML streams (files or strings). As I used the reference macro with XML data copied immediately from Zotero into my edit box, this tool proved quite helpful.

Everything worked perfect and more stable than the tool I used before. However when I tried to retrieve a page through the Apache web server, the system locked. I found this bug reported and discussed already. It sticks with Beautiful Soup version 4. Version 3 works perfect with Apache too.

To have Beautiful Soup version 4 and 3 running on a same system the installation of BS3 only requires the file BeautifulSoup.py copied into the working directory and the following replacements to the code.

[Error: Wrong macro arguments: "py" for macro 'code' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)]

Still find_all valid in BS4 has to be replaces by findAll, virtually the same command in BS3. That's it.

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