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Liberty Rule of Evolution

Admittedly, to call this Liberty Rule is kind of anthropocentristic, so the name is chosen for rather historical reasons and for didactic purposes. During revolutions the call for freedom was the first time in history that humans became aware of that rule's very existence. It is antropocentristic as liberty is only felt as such by humans that is the slave fauceirs. The master fauceir, in case of of liberty the social ruler, certainly has different feelings.

The rule states that as evolution advances the liberty of slave fauceirs tends to increase. This tendency involves that all measures taken by a fauceir to stabilize itself will be demolished by evolutionary progress. This is not equivalent with destabilization as the master faucer's rulers often claim. Homeostasis of the master fauceir is maintained by a set of new slave fauceirs that are able to compensate.

  1. The aim of this rule is to increase adaptability as the previous apparatus to stabilize hindered flexibility.
  2. The prerequisite for this process to happen is an increased number of slave fauceirs, that is evolution happened underneath the core of the master that finally replaces the rigid structures of self defense.

Some examples almost sorted cladistically:

  • The bacterial cell wall replaced by a cell membrane is higher evolved species, and the higher the organism evolved the more permeable for specific molecules or signals the cell membrane became.
  • Languages allow more foreign expressions to penetrate.
  • Human society changed the dependency of workers from slaves to serfs to employees.

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