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General Fauceir Properties

The section general fauceir properties only describes properties that are common to all fauceirs. As fauceirs are such a abstract entity those general properties cannot but being abstract too.

  • Fauceirs are nested. This property explains that each fauceir consists of an infinit number of sub-fauceirs, or slaves, and in turn each fauceir is element of an infinite number of aggregates, master fauceirs.
  • Each fauceir exists in a definite time frame. The time frame is inherited from elements. A master cannot leave this time frame, but it can set its own time frame which comes in units of the inherited time frame. (For more information about the relationship between fauceir and relativity theory see the special pages on relativity and time)
  • Each fauceir lives in an environment. This environment can be divided into internal fauceirs (such as element fauceirs) and external fauceirs (master fauceirs).
  • Each fauceir strives for adaptation to its environment.
  • Each fauceir is part of an evolutionary process.

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