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Mutual Dependence Rule

Synonyms: Rule of mutual influence

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Rational Proof

  1. Visibility depends on fauceirs mutual interaction.
  2. All interacting sides will be affected by that interaction
  3. Conclusively t is impossible to one fauceir to obtain information from an other fauceir without being affected.


  • This rule may be colloquially described as there is no independent observer. All observers will be influenced one way or the other.
  • Progressive decontextualization, as observed with evolutionary progress, tries to minimize, but never eliminates that mutation influence
  • A fauceir can be observed i.e. is visible if and only if there is some kind of interaction. This interaction as a rule changes both the observed and the observer.
  • The rule of mutual dependence rule is a special case and antonym to the rule of visibility.
  • This becomes especially prominent in research in quantum mechanics and psychology, for instance, where the fauceirs to observe and the fauceirs to be observed are still close (not yet decontextualized enough), so the rule that by a measurement the outcome of the experiment is affected holds true in both cases.

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