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Fauceir Definition

Fauceir is an acronym of functional abstract unit controlling evolutionary information recovery. It was necessary to define this term to describe process and mechanism of evolution.

A fauceir encompasses both system and information.

//Programmer:// If familiar with object orientated programming, you may think of a fauceir as of an object. Fauceirs share many properties with objects they contain both functionality and data, have a limited time span, and inheritance. Fauceir theory analyses and describes the universe as being represented by an infinite number of such fauceirs. Fauceir research is kind of back engineering nature.

//Physicist:// If familiar with quantum mechanics you will probably understand fauceir as a quantum. In fact, quantum is a fauceir but not vice versa unless you further abstract the term quantum.

//Biologist:// If familiar with evolutionary biology you simply turn to a fauceir as if it were a population. In fact, the population has been the first fauceir described to exhibit evolutionary properties.

//Economis:// The reproduction cycle is an abstract unit used in economics. It has some resemblance to a fauceir although the theory of reproduction assumes several idealizations, constrains that deviate from reality. That is why the theory of reproduction fails to explain the currently most pressing economic phenomena as ecocide and sustainability, monopolization and competition, unemployment and liberty.

This video, admittedly a bit homiletic, gives a comprehensive instruction.

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