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Comparing Markdown and Creole as Markup Languages

At the moment I opted for Creole but I'm not sure whether this was decision has a future as Creole development stoped a few year ago (The Creole is live press release is from 2007!) and Markdown is still active (The most recent news is from 2009 :-( ! not so recent any more, actually). Moreover markdown is integrated into Django. Some more differences important to my application are listed in the table below.

feature Creole Markdown
Link http://wikicreole.org/wiki/Home http://www.freewisdom.org/projects/python-markdown/
Tables colspan and rowspan not allowed colspan and rowspan not allowed
Macros/Extensions Macros can be easily handled
from Creole text
Extensions are probably a more powerful tool,
but more complex to handle
TOC I already implemented table of content as a macro Table of content is an extension
that I didn't test so far
References I Already have an idea
how to implement references
A new extension is necessary, probably

More Markdown feature not so important at the moment are listed here. Definitely I have to learn how to write extensions, so I can improve my pythoknowledge and evaluate the efforts necessary to write or change an extension.

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