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Niche Construction - Its Frightening Implications

Niche construction is neatly outlined in a book [Error: Wrong macro arguments: "2366" for macro 'ref' (maybe wrong macro tag syntax?)] . In its preface the authors claim:

As our investigation proceeded, it appeared the ramifications of niche construction grew to frightening proportions.

I exactly understand what is frightening the authors here. It is the anticipation of a new evolutionary concept which becomes applicable to human social evolution as well and which challenges the values maintained by official propaganda.

It was just the same reason that scared off editors to publish fauceir theory for more than a decade now.

Yes there is a fundamental ideological struggle between those who strive for social progress based on knowledge deduced from evolutionary theory and those who strive to confine evolutionary theory in its narrow, biological limits or deny it altogether.

Every kind of propaganda, ideology, and even war can be understood as niche construction at the social level. If that evolutionary perspective is taken every ideology become reduced to just what it is a temporary and locally attempt of niche construction conducted by the rulers to maintain their power. It is indeed frightening as shows how fragile such belief systems can be.

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