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Abstraction Rule

Synonyms: Rule of Abstraction


The more a theory is abstract the more general and lasting its predictions but the less precise it is in its particulars.

Rational Proof

  1. An abstraction is a fauceir of thinking.
  2. Its element fauceirs are abstractions as well.
  3. Abstraction is just the Rule of Progressive Blinding applied to fauceirs of thinking that is from abstract elements only specific properties are selected while others are ignored.
  4. The ignored ones are blinded out and therefore do not allow to be described any more.


  • An abstraction makes sense only if there is a set of elements that can be united by such an abstraction.
  • Applying an abstraction to a single element is not a scientific endeavor, but a mere blurring of the meaning of an abstraction. This method is often used as a fallacy, the fallacy of using meaningless abstract terms.
  • Abstractions are only useful if they can be used with other scientific methods such as analogy or analysis that offer conclusions that in turn allow further fauceirs of thinking to evolve.


I think the subject is so simple that no further examples are needed in order to illustrate. Just to mention that fauceir is the most abstract ever object of thinking. Though in some religions it is handled as such, God, on the contrary, is not the most abstract object of thinking. In Fauceir Theory God may be defined as the master of all existing fauceirs such as infinity is defined in number theory.


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