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Xenophobia is a set of human behaviors that reflects the conflict between the social fauceirs as mirrored in a human's consciousness. Xenophobia may have two aspects defense or aggression. If the social fauceir where a member is at home is threatened, the goal is separation. If the same social fauceir tries to annex other social fauceirs, the aim is aggression.

In any case, xenophobia is not a human's character but a property of a social fauceir which is identical to all fauceir's defense system. Xenophobia is a set of psychological element fauceirs intentionally created to give the social fauceir an advantage in conflicts with other fauceirs.

Thus members of a social fauceir are urged (or urge themselves by other social pressure) to hate other social fauceirs and their members. Xenophobia does not develop outside social fauceirs. Knowing that xenophobia is not a single person's fault but a social phenomenon has profound consequences. Instead of condemning single members of a fauceir the whole society has to be blamed for the spread of xenophobia.

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