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Fauceir Theory

Fauceir Theory is a materialistic philosophical theory in which all entities are atomized into abstract units, fauceirs. This approach is particularly useful when modelling evolution in all spheres of nature, but as evolutionary processes occur throughout our universe, fauceir theory may be useful in all fields of science.

The purpose of each theory in science is to avoid impasses due to misconception and logical fallacies. The purpose of Fauceir Theory mainly consists in avoiding the sister fallacies of composition and division. The Fauceir Theory's epistemological vocation is to remind that with each observable entity in nature the behavior can be described by its composition of enslaved element faucers and evolution can be explained by its environment. (It even allows predictions about invisible entities.)

As Fauceir Theory systematizes all an everything without exception, Fauceir Theory itself gets pigeonholed. It is a fauceir of thought. Human and maybe soon artificial thinking is the container that hosts and regulates Fauceir Theory's evolution. Its elements are theories specific to special fields of science. The most prominent among them at the moment is Fauceir Evolutionary Theory.

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