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Hayek On Cultural Evolution

How F.A.v. Hayek described social evolution is shown in this video.

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Hayek can be considered kind of a Vordenker of fauceir theory. His view that social rules, evolve by group selection, is pure fauceir theory applied. The group of human individuals is nothing else but the fauceir in his example.

Still Hayek's concept fails to embrace all aspects of social evolution. As social groups are only one of a myriad of social fauceirs, there is more to social evolution than just competition of social groups.

  1. Although, as Hayek correctly stated, social rules such a morality are not based on rational considerations, they still have a purpose that is rationally explicable and evolved driven by rationality.
  2. Only fauceir theory can explain the interplay between those social rules and other fauceirs, such biological traits (hormones and behavioral patterns), climate, and geographical factors, to name only a few.
  3. Next, fauceir theory can propose a scale by which social rules and social progress can be estimated.

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