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progress is creativity.        

Fauceir Wiki Introduction

Fauceir Wiki is not initiated to supplant Wikipedia although it sometimes covers the same terms. On the contrary, Fauceir Wiki supplements Wikipedia by adding a fauceir perspective.

With Fauceir Theory you submerge in an entirely different set of terms. The vocabulary sounds familiar, but soon you will realize differences. On the one hand, you will encounter terms that have a different meanings in Fauceir or contemporary evolutionary theory, such as the very term evolution; On the other hand, you will learn that some common words are virtually the same term, such as liberty and mutability. If you are familiar with computer languages, you may think of fauceir terminology as of a separate namespace.

The purpose of this wiki is to put the fauceir terminology straight. Terms are defined as used in Fauceir Theory. Sometimes a more general definition results that may widen your perspective, but be careful when citing this in your term papers. Your teachers may not be amused.


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